Art Cinema, 9th October – ‘Liv & Ingmar’ (2012)

Liv & Ingmar


Director: Deeraj Akolkar

'This Feature documentary is an affectionate yet truthful account of the 42 years and 12 films long relationship between legendary actress Liv Ullman and master film maker Ingmar Bergmann.

Told entirely from Liv's point of view, this rollercoaster journey through extreme highs and lows is constructed as a collage of images and sounds form the timeless Ullmann-Bergman films, behind the scenes footage, still photographs, passages from Liv's book 'Changing' and Ingmar's love letters to Liv.

Ultimately this film is a homage - a candid, humane look - not only at two of the greatest artists of our time, but also at two wonderful human beings, two inseperable friends, soul mates...'

IMDB - 7.4/10

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