DO WHAT YOU LOVE 18th – 31st July

Jill Gillings has been Artist in Residence at the Sayle Gallery for some six months, and her tenure is – sadly, because she’s become a great member of the Team – drawing to a close. But there’s cause for celebration, nonetheless, as she’ll be going out with a BANG – a resoundingly joyous exhibition of just some of the works she’s created over the period.


Said Jill: “As Artist in Residence at the Sayle Gallery for little more than half the year, I’ve been exploring ideas in diverse media – focussing on a central theme of portraying the passions that people possess for the distinct elements which enrich their lives, in whatever activity they have chosen for self expression.

The essence of the pieces I have chosen for my first solo exhibition is designed to promote a sense of ‘joie de vivre’ and the inspiration is derived from the glint of delight in the eyes of the participators when they are engaging in or enthusing about their beloved pursuits.

Jill works with a variety of relatively easily obtainable materials including glass, cardboard, metal, string – and even sellotape! The task of designing these elements into cohesive, recognisable and interesting artwork is time-consuming, totally absorbing and often quite challenging, yet she says that she finds it ultimately very rewarding ,especially when the pieces provoke some appreciative smiles.

And as Jill generously says of visitors to her show, “if you don’t have a smile, I’ll be happy to give you one of mine!”

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