Past Event: ‘Element’ Photography Exhibition by Henry Uniacke

Photographer-in-Residence, Henry Uniacke, is exhibiting at the Sayle Gallery throughout September.

‘Element’ combines pure landscapes of the Island, with abstracted rockforms and seascapes. “I am looking at both the compositional form and the way the elements of nature have formed them.”

As a response to his new environment, Henry Uniacke has moved away from his more familiar style of people in landscapes. “I arrived last year on the Island and moved into a fisherman’s cottage on Peel seafront where you just can’t ignore the elements; sand gets through the smallest gaps in the cottage every time there is a storm.”

Henry, raised on a farm in Sussex, has lived for the past 10 years inland, in both Oxfordshire and Prague.

“I missed the sea and the sea air. I remember observing how in the still air of the continental Czech climate, a leaf would drop from the tree and remain when it fell, just decaying a little each year. On the Isle of Man, the prevailing wind shapes even the trees.”

Henry primarily uses traditional photographic techniques, avoiding all but the essential post processing. However, the former Solar Engineer and Physics teacher, has included some novel techniques, including extracting colour from black-and-white film negatives.

Damian Ciappelli, Chairman of the Gallery, commented: “Since the digital revolution, photography has undergone huge change with the medium becoming both more accessible and popular. The Gallery wishes to demonstrate its  commitment to this growing and dynamic art form.  Henry’s role as Photographer-in-Residence together with his exhibition, “Element”, form part of the Gallery’s strategy to encourage high quality photographic art.”

‘Element’ consists of over 30 photographs by Henry Uniacke, and responses to his series of Turneresque seascapes by guest painters Jelena Benson and Stephen Thompson. The exhibition is open to the public from the 1st to the 27th September at the Sayle Gallery, and is supported by the IOM Arts Council.

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