Experimental Collaborative Art Events

Experimental Art at the Sayle Gallery

We are inviting artists to propose experimental projects that can be carried out in one evening and that can involve other artists. It is hoped, of course, that the output can stand alone as works of art that viewers can relate to, but the emphasis in on the process. By its very nature, experiments do not necessarily produce the desired outputs, but do allow a freedom of expression and an opportunity for artists to work collaboratively.

The first of our Experimental Collaborative Art Events was organised by Rob Smith. He performed Reiki on Jenni, who then participated as the model in the art piece. Rob has found that when he uses Reiki healing on an individual, he will find a spontaneous desire to paint that same evening. The work can reflect the emotions of the participant. On this occasion he decided to paint with Jenni, the model lying on four canvasses. Henry Uniacke and Simon Buttimore collaborated in the event. Elements of the work are being displayed in the window of the Sayle Gallery from the 14-31 January 2016.

Vimeo Link to Simon Buttimore’s animation


Future Experimental art projects:

We would like people to join in. These initial ideas will hopefully encourage many others to join in as collaborators. No experience of art is necessary to join in, as there are many ways on which you can be involved.

Sunday 17th January: On being alive. This project will involve a participant who is suffering pain due to an illness, a healer and a person who will be reading from a book to her. A paper creation of life will grow around the participants over the course of an hour. The whole process will recorded.

March: Intuitive readings of artworks. People will be asked to contribute artworks and these will be used as a basis for open discussion. We invite people to read/interpret the artworks. Co-ordinated by Damian Forrester.

April: Textured body form. A body collage with textured materials and paint. Co-ordinated by Jenni Kelly.

May: In the light of fire. In the outdoors, a fireside project co-ordinated by Rob Smith, involving musicians, actors and other artists.

June: The Dining Table. An event so show the incongruity of existence. Set in the great outdoors.Co-ordinated by Tom Kowalski.





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