Friday Art Cinema Listings for July and August

7th Aug (The Woodmans) / 14th August (Beauty is Embarrassing) / 21st Aug (Queens of Jazz) / 28th Aug (lost in La Mancha)






31st July- Jean-Michel Basquia: The Radiant Child (2010)

A thoughtful portrait of a renowned artist, this documentary shines the spotlight on New York City painter Jean-Michel Basquiat. Featuring extensive interviews conducted by Basquiat’s friend, filmmaker Tamra Davis, the production reveals how he dealt with being a black artist in a predominantly white field. The film also explores Basquiat’s rise in the art world, which led to a close relationship with Andy Warhol, and looks at how the young painter coped with acclaim, scrutiny and fame.


The Radiant Child3

7th August- The Woodmans (2010)

The story of a family that suffers a tragedy, but perseveres and finds
redemption through each other and their work – making art. Running time: 82 mins


14th August- Beauty is Embarrassing

Film-maker Neil Berkeley documents the life and times of American artist Wayne White. Running time: 93 minutes.




21st August- Queens of Jazz

A celebration of some of the greatest female jazz singers of the 20th century. It takes an unflinching and revealing look at what it actually took to be a jazz diva during a turbulent time in America’s social history – a time when battle lines were being constantly drawn around issues of race, gender and popular culture. Running time: 1 hourcdn.indiewire

28th August- Lost in La Mancha

Visionary director Terry Gilliam has a dream. He wants to film the classic story of Don Quixote by recasting it as a trippy, time-traveling, mistaken-identity adventure with Johnny Depp as Quixote. After struggling for years to get financing, insurance and a cast in place, Gilliam travels to Spain and promptly watches his dream fall apart. From flash floods to cast no-shows to serious injuries, Gilliam and his crew suffer one setback after another. Running time: 93 minutes




17th July- Genius of Photography (2007): Part 5 and 6

A documentary series exploring the history of photography, from daguerreotype to digital, from portraits to photo-journalism, from art to advertising.

Episode 5: How the medium translates personal relationships into photographic ones, when strangers, celebrities, lovers and children get fed to the camera. Plus, what happens when photographers turn their cameras on themselves – what they choose to reveal and what do they try to conceal?

Episode 6:  Explores the current state of the art, from a three-million-dollar Edward Steichen print to the estimated 29 billion photographs taken in 2006 by phone cameras alone, as well as the impact of digital post-production techniques that make anything possible, and the rediscovery of techniques which take photography back to the 19th century.


24th July- Whiplash (2014)

A promising young drummer enrolls at a cut-throat music conservatory where
his dreams of greatness are mentored by an instructor who will stop at nothing
to realize a student’s potential. Running time: 107 minutes.86whiplash-poster

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