Hold On To Each Other 12 & 13 Jul

 – a ‘pop-up’ exhibition by local artist Henry Wood
Island artist Henry Wood has been exhibited in the US and Europe, but this weekend he’ll take over the Sayle Gallery for his first solo show, ‘Hold On To Each Other’. The show runs from Friday 11th – Sunday 13th July 2014. Henry will be using the Sayle Gallery’s main exhibition space to frame two of his newest installations.
The show represents a new unfolding of Henry’s practice, as he creates minimal environments loaded with nuanced narratives in which his figures are encompassed. ‘Hold On To Each Other’ represents some of his thoughts and workings on the ideas of communication and communion.


For the viewer, importance is placed on the shadows cast by the pieces. Manipulating them so they interact with one another takes the work into the metaphysical, leaving ephemeral impressions on the faceted surfaces which connect the often isolated components. This ties in with the ephemeral materials rescued and used by Henry in the construction of the figures, perpetuating the importance of the moment – an idea which is also true to the concept of a pop up show.

Henry works and builds quite intuitively, weaving ephemeral narratives into simple engaging semi-totemic figures. He uses raw materials collected whilst traveling. Wood, bone and other natural finds are offset against plastic fruit, flowers and other synthesized processed objects, which opens up dialogue about the human condition and our relationship to the sun sky and universe. It’s been said, more than once, that his playful illustrative approach galvanises the viewer in engaging with his simple contemplative works. He is currently working on a new body of work.

A short-term work such as this, with its emphasis on the ephemeral and on the documenting of process as well as finished work, is something of a new departure for the Sayle Gallery and will, the team believes, set a precedent for other similar projects. Among other factors, it will highlight the potential to appreciate work which is here ‘in the now’, rather than something that can be acquired and owned for the long term – flying firmly in the face of our current consumer led culture of competitive acquisition.



About the artist

Henry Wood is a young locally-born artist whose work has to date been exhibited both on the island and internationally in group shows. He also curates the annual group show ‘Dark Seas Wild Mountain’, which shows in a different venue each year. He holds a B.A (Hons) in Illustration and Animation, and has exhibited at numerous venues in London, including The Other Art Fair at the SouthBank. He curates the annual Dark Seas Wild Mountain collective shows in the Isle of Man, and overseas has shown at ‘London Calling’ at the Orange County Centre for Contemporary Arts, Orange County, L.A and held the residency at Fjaderholmana Woodworking, in Stockholm, Sweden.


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