On Thursday 7th August, the Sayle Gallery takes a trip, and returns homeward safely! We’ll be playing host to a new exhibition, showcasing the work of local artists Bryony Harrison and Brigid Stowell.
First Bryony takes us on a journey to share her experiences of landscapes from New Zealand to Cyprus, and back again. Her magical style conjures up the diversity and beauty of their countrysides and reveals their character in both fair weather and foul.

Then, self-taught artist Brigid brings us closer to home, with her interpretations of Douglas. Some of her works are inspired by the old Edwardian and Victorian terraces and squares around us, and their often under-appreciated quiet beauty. Others, in what is, for her, a new departure, visit the bustling areas of Strand Street and the main shopping areas.

It’ll be the first time these two artists have shared a joint exhibition, and the Team at the Gallery’s delighted to be hosting it – well worth a short journey!

Bay of Islands

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