Isle of Man Art Festival 2017

The Isle of Man Art Festival (29th April – 1st May) is organised by the Creative Network. The Island’s annual celebration of visual art provides a wealth of inspiration and opportunities. This festival allows the public to discover local artists, with open access to studios, exhibitions, and private workspaces as well as opportunities to participate in demonstrations and workshops.


Our current exhibition Cut From the Same Cloth forms part of the 2017 Arts Festival, with two workshops for young (or young at heart) people, scheduled for the festival weekend. Both workshops will be led by our current exhibitors, and Creative Network artists, Alice and Julie Fayle. Alice is trained in fabric and fashion design and works at the Youth Arts Centre creating textile art with young people. Julie creates wonderful pieces of textile art, often based around the use of old clothing, or fabrics.

Workshop 1 – Wearable Art
Saturday 29th April, 1 – 4 pm
A workshop for young people aged 8 years or above. Cost £5 per participant. Family groups welcomed and adults are encouraged to stay and join in the fun! Please book at the Sayle Gallery.

Come and use all sorts of weird and wonderful materials to create your own item of clothing. Using a manikin (or each other) we will design and create fantastical garments and then do a short studio photo shoot to record the results. The resulting photos will become an online, virtual fashion show (you can, of course, opt out of appearing online if you wish). Please bring along an old item of clothing that can be used as a base for your creation, this could be a T-shirt, leggings, jumper or whatever you have that can be cut up, pinned to, glued to or drawn on. Also, we will be making garments out of anything we can lay our hands on, so if you have any materials that may be useful, please feel free to bring them along!

Workshop 2 – fashion design
Sunday 30th April, 1 – 4 pm
A workshop for young people aged 12 or above – adults are welcome too. Cost £5 per participant. Please book through the Sayle Gallery.

In this workshop, you will be asked to work in pairs (or family groups). Each pair/group will be given basic shirts to modify and change into another garment. You will be given a piece of music (or if you have a favourite piece that you would like to use, please bring it along on your phone) which we hope will inspire the way you decide to change your garments. The garments can be cut, reassembled, embellished etc. Materials will be provided but please bring unwanted large (men’s) shirts if you have them and any materials that you think could be useful in your creative quest. At the end of the workshop, we will hold a group fun fashion show where the garments can be displayed along with the music which inspired them, ending with a studio photo shoot.

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