‘Of Time and Place’ – Peter Davies

Of Time and Place

Peter Davies

1 July - 31 July 2016

Peter has enjoyed a long career spanning five decades in the arts. He was born in Moreton on the Wirral peninsula and following his own art education at Wallasey School of Art, he went on to gain art teaching qualifications at Birmingham College of Art and Birmingham University. Throughout a subsequent career in art education, latterly as Principal of Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design, Peter continued to produce his own work, moving to the Isle of Man in 2013. He has exhibited internationally and received a prestigious gold award from the Association of Illustrators.

Peter Davies exhibition poster

Peter has not confined himself to any one medium or indeed one particular genre, instead he has bodies of work which showcases a multi­media approach. His exhibition will reflect this, showing location paintings, drawings, studio pieces, illustrations, sketch books, collages and printmaking from across his career. Despite having a diverse approach to ways of working, an overriding them is prevalent within Peter's work. He has a continued and long held fascination with a sense of time, place and sometimes with the people populating that space. Much of Peter's work is made on location, where he records prevailing weather conditions, seasons or time of day, capturing an atmosphere at a chosen location at a particular point in time.

Peter Davies Ramsey Hotel
Peter Davies Harbour scene 1

Peter communicates through his works, his own experience and interpretation of particular locations, of a particular time and place and transports the viewer to share in that experience or to remember experiences of their own.


“I am primarily interested in mark­ making, using tone, colour, texture, line, selecting from what I see and creating a composition to represent a place. Some of these pieces of work may appear to be detailed and realistic but they are not photographic.

In good weather, in the South of France, I was able to work at the same location for two or three sessions over several days – hence the big drawings put together in sections. Here in the Isle of Man, the weather can change by the hour and so these studies were completed in a short time, less than a morning or afternoon.

...the values of working on location can be tangible and lasting. Changing light, sounds and conversations remembered, persons and objects out of the picture frame are all there to be recalled sharply long after working from life.”

Peter Davies Harbour Scene 2

The exhibition will run from:

1 July - 31 July 2016

Tuesday - Saturday                                  11.oo - 17.00

Sunday                                                           12.00 - 16.00


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