Photography and the Art of Light: Jan/Feb course

rocks010Artist Photographer Henry Uniacke (Recent Exhibition) will challenge you in this course to look beyond the lens of the camera to different ways of seeing.

You don’t have to have experience or a fancy camera, just enthusiasm!

tThe course will run over 3 consecuriMondays. The idea is that during the course you develop technical skills to enable you to be creative. Creativity comes first and you will learn technical skills along the way.

By the end of the course, you will be encouraged to develop you own interests, and as part of that,  one-to-one tutorials are included in the price. You may want to photograph family or wildlife or may be working towards an exhibition or a specific project. Or you may need technical help with you camera. 

Course structure: Monday 18th, Monday 25th January and Monday 1st February (3 full days 10-5pm) and 1 hour (private) tutorial by arrangement.

Cost: £150

Number on course: Limited to 10 students

The over-riding question that will be explored during the course:

Can we represent a multi-sensory world through a 2-D visual image? How do we represent aspects of motion, weight, texture and perspective.

The course content will be updated/adjusted, but this is the content as planned on 8 Jan.

Week 1: 18th January 10am -5pm

Introduction to 2-D image as a representation of the world around us

Practical exercises A: Observation of 3 dimensional object and representation as a 2 dimensional image

LUNCH 1-2pm

Discussion of technical aspect: Aperture and depth of field

Practical exercises B: Using depth of field for different representational effects

Critical discussion of student work from morning and afternoon sessions

Introduction to assignment for the week: Depth of field in the context of Portraiture

Week 2: 25th Jan

Discussion on photographing the human form

Practical exercises with a model


Technical discussion: Shutter speed

Short practical exercise on shutter speed

Critical discussion on student work from the morning session and afternoon sessions

Introduction to the assignment for the week: Movement


Week 3: 1st Feb 10am-5pm

Meeting at Excursion point (to be arranged) and introductory discussion on composition

Practical exercises C: Composition with one or more subject within a landscape.

LUNCH and return to Douglas

Further History of Art in context of photography

Critical discussion of work

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