‘The Art of Darkness’ – Julian Simmonds

The Art of Darkness

Julian Simmonds

8th April - 22nd May 2016


New exhibition 'The Art of Darkness' by Photographer Julian Simmonds is now open at the Sayle Gallery.

The exhibition represents Julian's visual exploration of the night's sky and the many 'Dark Sky' sites located around the Island. Beautifully setting Manx landmarks and landscapes against the dramatic scenery in the sky above, this collection of photographs details over 18 months of Julian's practice, and the countless night-time expeditions that he has undertaken to achieve this new body of work.


"'The Art of Darkness' is my attempt to create a series of images with visual impact, that capture the wonder and beauty of the Manx skies at night. I want to show people something that often goes unseen or unnoticed, even though it is always above us, and to offer them a new appreciation of the skies above...

...Putting together this collection has taken the best part of two years to achieve. I have spent hundreds of hours exploring the Island in the darkness, from sub-zero winter nights with ice on the ground, to calm, balmy summer nights, where I could almost sleep under the stars. I often have to revisit locations a number of times over as it is quite common to set out for a night's shooting only to watch the clouds roll in and completely obscure the view."

Extract from Julian's exhibition statement

'The Art of Darkness' runs until Sunday 22nd May


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